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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is 2013 The Year Of Collaboration?

It wouldn’t be the new year without both a look back and look forward. Here is the second of two articles that do just that and are worth your time. As with all things Supply Chain related, only time will tell whether and how fast these come to fruition. - Greg Chabon

Collaboration and responsiveness aren’t new trends in supply chain management but Mark Woodward, CEO of E2open, predicts major shifts in the industry will make them more important than ever.

Woodward outlines his 2013 predictions in a guest column featured on Forbes’ blog CIO Network. In the column, Woodward writes about why he believes the time has come for concepts like fast data, supply chain control towers and social supply chains to be major players. He also breaks down why he believes all of those factors will contribute to a shift away from static to dynamic risk management.

 Risk management tools will move beyond identifying weak links and ginning up responses to hypothetical problems to providing the information and communication platform needed to assess and manage situations as they occur—mitigating downside when the inevitable hits the fan,” Woodward writes.